Do you want to get ITV in New Zealand? The solution is simple. ITV is a UK based channel that supposedly cannot be viewed from outside the UK, but we’re here to prove otherwise. With a VPN or Smart DNS, you can stream ITV effortlessly in New Zeland.

How to Watch ITV in New Zealand

How to Watch ITV in New Zealand

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How to Watch ITV in New Zealand Using a VPN

ITV’s programmes cover all kinds of content from news and entertainment to sports and drama. Unfortunately, the service is restricted to UK viewership. However, New Zealand residents can stream ITV outside of the UK using a VPN.

A virtual private network is a secure method of sending traffic from one computer to another over the Internet. All of the users’ data passes through a private tunnel, which a VPN creates. The VPN ends up encrypting all the data along the way. Once, UK expats, have the VPN app installed, they have to connect to a British server. That will grant them a British IP while they’re in New Zealand, which will enable them to access ITV as if they are physically in the UK. Here’s how to do that:

  1. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a VPN service.
  2. Next, you create a VPN account.
  3. Download and install the VPN app on the device which you want to stream ITV on.
  4. Launch the app and connect to a VPN server in the UK.
  5. After you connect to a UK server, you’ll be provided with a British IP address that makes it look like you’re located in the UK.
  6. Now that you have a British IP, you can easily access ITV in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN is a tool that has been widely acclaimed thanks to the seamless way it works and the fact that it can be used by anyone. It runs a large network of servers and providers unmatched services. Check other top VPNs for itv in the table below.

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How to Watch ITV in New Zealand Using a Smart DNS Proxy

For faster results, make use of a Smart DNS proxy. It doesn’t encrypt users’ data, which is why it operates quickly. A Smart DNS only reroutes the traffic that determines geo-location through a designated server. This process allows users to access the content they desire based in the country of their choice. The provider doesn’t change your IP either. Here’s how you get to unblock ITV using a Smart DNS in New Zealand.

  1. Sign up with a Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking HBO Go.
  2. Setup Unlocator’s DNS server addresses on your streaming device. You can also configure Unlocator DNS on your router.
  3. Visit ITV’s website or its standalone app and sign in.
  4. Stream all the best shows ITV has in store.

We recommend that you make use of Unlocator as your Smart DNS provider. It will help you get ITV in New Zealand, and you can benefit from its 7-day free trial.

Watch ITV in New Zealand

So, now you have two ways you can watch ITV in New Zealand: a VPN and a Smart DNS proxy. Both allow you to stream ITV outside of the UK, but of course, not in the same manner. While a VPN is a safe option, a Smart DNS is way faster. The choice is yours.

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