We’re seeking Local SEO & Small Business Digital Marketing writers!

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We need writers!

If you’ve written SEO, digital marketing, small-business strategy or other content similar to what we cover here at search/local, and are looking for a forum to continue developing your writing, editing and content promotion skills, we’d love to hear from you!

Submit a story or article that is indicative of your writing style and areas of expertise in an email to our editorial staff at editorial@localsearch.group (or you can click the image above), and pitch us on the column or topics you’d like to cover.

We’re looking for any basic, sound, well-sourced advice or tips for small business owners and SMB marketers, especially in the realm of Local SEO. Knowledge of Google’s suite of business marketing tools, Bing/Yahoo Local, MarTech in general and content marketing are strengths, and you should emphasize that in your copy.

Medium also allows for very simple, easy reposting from your existing company blog or website — although we prefer bespoke content, and will be heavily weighted towards that, we’re not opposed to re-publishing content that doesn’t exist elsewhere on Medium. If you have a particular piece in mind that would fit this publication’s editorial preferences and needs, feel free to send us a link and pitch it.

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Kevin M. Cook

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