Lima, Peru | 2015

I was feeling a little blue last night while trying to get some work done so I decided to distract myself and scroll my newsfeed for a little while. I realized that the more I scrolled, the worse I felt. I thought to myself “Everyone seems to be enjoying life; they have everything figured out and are carrying on so worry-free.”

Although many of us do not consciously look for validation when posting on our social media platforms, I will admit that it makes me smile when my friends comment and react positively to my posts. But not all days go this way, some days I forget that we are all human.

While social media has the power to make us feel good, it is a double-edged sword that is capable of making us feel just as bad. The truth is — social media is a highlight reel. We all know this; when we see all of the expensive purchases, the beautiful travels, and the impressive gym progress. It sometimes feels as though everyone’s day is unfolding so vividly while I waste my life sitting on the couch unproductively scrolling.

We have become accustomed to sharing only the shimmering shards of our lives; pieces that are sharpened to perfection and warp others perception of the person staring back at them in the mirror. Many will say that females fall victim to comparison and believe these deceitful personas, but I do not believe that these human experiences are defined by gender at all.

Many of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others and trying to shadow the superficial standards of someone else’s walk through life. Remember that selfie that took 10 tries and a filter before you were ready to post it? You are looking at it on a friend’s timeline. We are all human; we all have our insecurities, our doubts, and our losses. But we share the good moments so that they can be revisited and relived when the bad days try to make us forget.

If you find yourself calculating your self-worth with every scroll and diminishing your self-esteem with every lowered like count, remember how dangerous this reality is and how much better you truly are. Do not grant a social construct the ability to make someone as brilliant as you feel inadequate.

No one does you better than you do. I could search the world and would never find someone quite like you. Your sadness and happiness interweave to create a unique perfection that can never be captured; keep striving to embrace it. You do not need the approval of anyone but yourself. You do not need to live your life for any other moment but the one that is passing you by. Spend more time enjoying the present as it unfolds rather than retaking manufactured photographs to recall it when it has become a mere memory. And when you do scroll past your good times or someone else’s, rejoice in the spectacle of imperfect perfection.

Sending smiles, always. ❤


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