If you are looking for a Web service, it is certainly in order to build a site that is well adapted to your business so that it can generates qualified traffic and thus be able to give you a return over investment as quickly as possible. There are so many web agencies out there who claim to offer the best, learn to differentiate them and find the one that will meet the needs of your company.

1. Use the search engines

You can use search engines, just type a keyword, i.e. “website design and development” the number of website development agencies that will appear may be numerous and you may not know which to choose. Never focus on only those on the first page, indeed, ranking on Google might suggest high quality services from one provider, but this can be as a result of good SEO campaign. In fact, Google can only access the traffic generate by a website and cannot tell the value of the service provided. To know for sure if the web agency offers quality service, it must meet some specific criteria. The company must have a good design also it must have several features which are easily accessible before you can conclude. Choose two or three that meet these criteria.

2. Visit the company’s website

The content of a company’s website is a showcase of its know-how and credibility, rich content does not only show the profusion of the company’s resources, but also gives an insight into its skills. Check out the blog section as many web agencies mobilize resources to write articles and news on their website. In most cases, the corporate blog can help convey their experience and expertise and can also help determine if it is necessary to entrust the creation of your website to this agency.

3. Communicate your ideals

After selecting two or three providers, call them to give you a contact email address. Then you can send them your specification. Some web agencies offer in their contact form the possibility of adding an attachment, which facilitates the work. This introduction will help you discover the company’s offers. The next step would be a physical encounter or a telephone interview with the representative of the company.

During the first meetings, you can expect that it directs you to what these professionals consider as “best” for your project, you will always find the differences between the various agencies you have chosen. A good web agency communicates its know-how and helps the customers to fix their choices and to identify their needs.

4. Find out if they provides essential services

It is important to know what you expect from a web agency, make sure you will get a manageable website where you will be able to edit your own content and make necessary updates. Nowadays, portable devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking the market, it is important to specify in your specifications the requirement of a site called “responsive web design “ Which is a term to indicate that your site has to adapt to the size of the screen of the surfer. Make sure you get all the necessary documentation and be sure the agency will give you training on the site as well as a handling guide for your back office. Your web agency should also be able to provide you with a monthly report regarding the SEO of your site. Also check if they offer warranty, any web agency who thinks that the quality of service they offer is good enough must offer you a period of guarantee. This usually is a period of 12 months after delivery

5. Consider the cost of services

The cost of services is one of the principal criteria for selecting a service provider. It is possible to take note of them only by requesting a quote that most web agencies offer free of charge.

It is preferable that the offer or quote of the service provider shows the following:

· A brief description of the agency (expertise, staff, etc.),

· A small paragraph showing that they understood your need

· they must explain how they tend to meet this need and argue their choice of solution,

· They must openly display their daily rate and must show what is included in the basic package and what is not.

· They must propose to you a planning of realization by clearly displaying the dates and duration of realization of each task.

Avoid providers who offer website development services through subscriptions, because you will be bound to them by a contract that requires you to pay extra rates for a year or more, and too often these rates are not mentioned at the beginning.



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