This was my first week at Amazon. It’s been a crazy journey getting here and the first week flew past. My first week has been a lot of training and learning about Amazon with more to come in the following week or two. One of the things I learned was that I now need to say, all this shit is my opinions and thoughts and do not represent those of my employer (ya I guess I really do have to write a disclaimer now). If the week wasn’t so exciting I would be completely overwhelmed with just how massive Amazon really is. I knew my work flow was going to be different but I seriously underestimated just how different things are at a company this large.

Writing this has been much harder than I would have thought because I have to be careful not to talk about proprietary software or internal training/ talks that can’t be discussed in the public. This is going to take some getting used to also. There also isn’t much to write about because of so much falling under NDA stuff.

It’s been over a month now since I wrote any code. Not owning a computer made it difficult to do any of that. I hoped I would jump right into it when I started but it looks like it will be a bit because of all the training I get to do at work and setting up the computer is also a pain in the ass so that’s coming along slowly.

So far my favorite part about the job is the incredible views from the office. I mean they are breath taking. To my left of my desk I see the top of the Space Needle with the Olympic Mountains to the side, it’s only a few blocks away. Front and center are panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain range. Below is South Lake Union and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. It’s no wonder why people love it here it’s incredible.

The team I’m working with seems great. Everyone I’ve met has been very friendly and welcoming. From experience this is very important to making work tolerant even in an environment where you aren’t happy with the job otherwise. The organization I’m in is fairly large which is going to make remembering names difficult but I’ll learn. They do different events depending on the day which is pretty fun like board game nights, waffle breakfasts, and happy hours on Friday.

The working hours are very relaxed which was pleasing to find out about. Unlike my previous job they allow work from home and work hours are very flexible. I’m an early morning person so it’s nice to be able to come in early before everyone else and have the option to leave early.

To sum it all up I’m very excited about this new opportunity and all the options this job offers me and can’t wait to find out what paths it leads me down next.



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