What does the raisin mean on Snapchat? In the fruit relationship status game, the raisin means that a girl plans to marry her partner. She’s in a happy committed relationship, so leave her alone. Teenagers around the world, are enjoying their winter vacations and using their creativity on the image messaging app.


Men are from Venus and women are from Mars. The new relationship Snapchat game helps solve that problem. You didn’t know he or she had commitment issues? Thanks to the game, you’re now fully aware. If a female post a raspberry, she’s admitting that she has commitment issues and isn’t ready for a relationship.

Raisin Mean On Snapchat

Raisin Mean On Snapchat 
 Behavior doesn’t lie. When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time. Thanks to Snapchat, the divorce rate will decrease. Status updates and photos from the game will eventually be used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

 The hilarious tweet below reveals the appropriate reaction to your side chick using the infamous raisin:

Females are happy to use the raisin but the fellas aren’t feeling it. Females should act accordingly when they see responses like this:

Act accordingly aka dump him as soon as possible. Snapchat is making the world a better place, one image at a time:

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