Travel slaps us in the face and delivers moments in life when you understand you are but a pimple on the arse of the planet, you don’t need all that stuff at home, you are incredibly privileged and that if we have the courage to explore bravely the payoff can be amazing. Travel is surely the greatest petri dish for moments we share forever with our mates and kids, and what price can you put on that.

Stepping outside of our comfort zones and loving the experience is incredibly rewarding. This happens in all facets of life but travel is a particularly powerful catalyst for these moments.

Explore bravely?

I scribbled for a mate the moments I was trying to explain we wanted to help create with Nugggit— a holiday peppered with highs and lows because you weren’t quite sure what was going to happen. Moments —beautiful, confronting, hilarious— that we share with friends and family, that we look back on and go “wow, I’ll remember that forever”.

We all have our own stories to tell and they are precious pieces of the puzzle of who we are as individuals.

moments outside the beige

The reality is these moments are often created outside of our comfort zones. Exploring places, meeting people and making the effort to do things that we’re not quite sure what will happen, turning left when the crowds turn right or signing-up for an activity we know will stretch our abilities and imagination. Witness the growth of Adventure Travel or Food Tourism.

Just give me a nudge in the right direction

Personally getting outside of the comfort zone needs a little nudge from a sidekick with the same appetites. When someone says ‘yes you can do that, you’ll be fine and I’ll come and do it with you’ then making the decision is easier. The payoff is you get to share great moments with somebody else. Take this photo below — this is New Zealand’s highest guided trek ‘The Ball Pass Crossing’ right underneath Mt Cook. Long story short is I’m rubbish with heights and spent most of the three days wondering what the hell I was doing up there. I had needed the nudge from Nikki, my much braver other half, to sign up and do it. Can’t thank her enough, that nudge and exploring bravely lead to a great adventure we’ll always cherish.

Trekking (climbing!) in New Zealand

So for us it’s about adventure in the great outdoors, thru-hiking the PCT is still top of our bucket list, but ‘exploring bravely’ means something different to everyone and we can’t wait to hear how our travel experts on Nugggit helps travellers get outside their comfort zones, giving them the little bit of awesome information and the little nudge needed to go for it.

Nikki on The Ball Pass Crossing in New Zealand (she’s not a fan of the helmet look)



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