What is a Virtual Office?

When we talk about a virtual office, we actually mean an office without a physical space or any meeting rooms. Virtual offices, which are based on online, provide communication and address services among other services. Some of them demand a fee for the services while others are free of charge.With the rapid growth of technology in almost every sector or industry in the world, the style of conducting business has changed tremendously. You only need a laptop and an internet connection to work anywhere at any time. Therefore, you can start a business or continue to grow an already existing one because you’ve practically got an office set which is mobile.


Today we are going to look at Freevirtualoffice.co.uk, another virtual office which is based in the United Kingdom.Freevirtualoffice.co.uk helps entrepreneurs during the most vulnerable part of their career, which is the beginning phase. Their streamlined services allow them to offer low fees, the essential part of getting any company up and running.

To get access to the platform, one must sign up to get an account. The virtual office has three plans or packages, which are Free, Light User and the Heavy User. The Free package is free for any business person, although some advanced features are restricted. It is perfect for startups on a low budget. It covers business and government mails. No letters will be forwarded and these have to be collected in person. For better or complete features, one should choose the other plans that demand payment.

The Light package charges £20/year. It is great for users who are unable to collect letters. The plan also covers business and government mail. Ten letters will be forwarded and any extra letter will be forward for a fee. For the best and complete features, Freevirtualoffice.co.uk has the Heavy User package. The plan is £50/year and is great for users who expect frequent mails. It covers business and government mails. Fifty letters will be forwarded, so any extra letters have to be forwarded for a fee. The virtual office is open for bargaining; i.e., you can get offers and deals if you do bulk registrations.

Why Choose Freevirtualoffice.co.uk?

Freevirtualoffice.co.ke is a cost effective way of having a commanding business presence without the huge cost of maintaining a physical space. This means that you can have the benefits of having a registered London business address even if you are working from home. The platform is perfect for companies and startups, or alternatively those simply looking to have a London office. From the international companies to the sole practitioners, they cater for all types of businesses no matter whether large or small.

Requirements for Freevirtualoffice.co.ke

The documents required for one to provide include a photo ID, such as a passport. Also a driving license or an identity card will be needed. You are required to provide your address as well. You can do this by providing a utility bill or a bank statement.


When you get an account with a virtual office service, you will gain all the benefits of a good profile and a prestigious location without having to pay the high fees other companies’ charge. Having an address in a high-class building or tower at a good strategic location in any city is the best way of creating a good professional image for any company. Therefore,signing up to a virtual office platform is the most efficient and inexpensive method to achieve this reality, virtually.

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