Featuring Devendra Banhart, Flesh Panthers, Billy Preston, Connan Mockasin & Devonté Hynes, Karriem Riggins, Paul Weller & more

Last I Heard — Flesh Panthers

Flesh Panthers are an excellent secret of Chicago’s rock n roll scene, who have played shows with our boys The Orwells. You should definitely check out their fantastic 2016 album “Willow’s Weep,” which this track is from.

Ain’t It Funky Now — Jimmy McGriff

You know we love the funky 1970s deep cuts — Jimmy McGriff is no exception.

La Fat Fur — Connan Mockasin & Devonté Hynes

We were already big fans of Devonté Hynes’ project Blood Orange, and we love this unique collaboration he did with New Zealand-born psychedelic pop artist Connan Mockasin.

Fig in Leather — Devendra Banhart

Venezualan-American Devendra Banhart makes some of the most unique genre-blending indie music today. We love this upbeat track from his latest album.

No Tears to Cry — Paul Weller

The former leader of The Jam, one of Great Britain’s premier rock acts in the 70s and 80s, comes back with his own grandiose rock n roll.

Summer Madness S.A. — Karriem Riggins

Talented multi-instrumentalist and producer Karriem Riggins effortlessly blends jazz, hip-hop and more in his unique work.

Words to My Song — Dry Bread

Dig this dark and funky deep cut from Cyril “Dry Bread” Ferguson.

Breathing Underwater — The Barbaras

The Barbaras are a fantastic lost surf-punk gem from Memphis, who worked to record their music with influential rocker Jay Reatard before his untimely death in 2010, with the result that only one album of tracks (discovered posthumously in his archives) was ever released.

Endless Talk — Wild Flag

Wild Flag was a short-lived rock supergroup made up of members of Sleater-Kinney and others, led by Carrie Brownstein (if you don’t know her from music, you know her from Portlandia!)

If I Had a Hammer — Billy Preston

Legendary organist and Beatles collaborator covers this American classic (originally by Pete Seeger) in a groovy instrumental way.

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