Brendan Steele

As one of our partners, you will be the face of your brand to your client. We do all of the dirty work!

Let’s say that your client needs photography, copy writing, keyword research, and an updated amazon PPC campaign. That is a Gold bundle in our services worth $897. Let’s say you charged your client $1,000 per listing…

1,000–897 = 103

You just made $103 and you don’t have to do any of the work!

Pretty cool, right?!?!

Keep in mind, you can charge the client as much as you want!

Here is another example… let’s say your client has 100 products and needs gold bundles again. With the savings you get from our Bulk Pricing Discounts, we would charge $717.6 for each product. That comes to a total of $71,760. Let’s Say you charged your client $80,000…

80,000–71,760 = 8,240

You just made $8,240 and you didn’t do any of the work!



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