Guys are putting numbers as their status on Snapchat as a joke. They want to confuse female Snapchat users who are currently playing a relationship status game. Male users are putting their shoe sizes in their status messages on Snapchat. They are hoping that females attempt to decode the messages and fail.


Male Snapchat users decided to prank female users after seeing fruit in their Snapchat Stories. The girls used the fruit to reveal their relationship statuses. Only the girls had the key to the game so male users were left confused about the meanings of each fruit. As revenge for the 5 minutes male users were confused, they’ve added their shoe sizes to their status messages.

Why Are Guys Putting Numbers As Their Status On Snapchat?

Why Are Guys Putting Numbers As Their Status On Snapchat? 
 What would we do without Snapchat? The video below was recently shared on the app. The Snapchat user provides hilarious commentary on the aftermath of a night out at the bar. She pokes fun at a girl who decides to sprint across the street through traffic. Next, she imitates the voice of an older gentleman who takes his time crossing the street.

Snapchat is the most entertaining social media app in the world. The hilarious video below shows elders react to the app:

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