More and more clients demand advertisers provide solutions appropriate to the day and age, like clear-cut ways of measuring digital marketing ROI, as the migration of the marketing arena from traditional media to the web create increasingly stiff competition. To meet the demand, advertisers need to redefine advertising itself.

As the marketing trends of 2016 show, most clients now require clarity. Virtually all of them expect engaging yet clear and relatable messages; precise ways to measure work; and well-defined deliverables. Most important of all, they want assurance of ROI on marketing investment.

The global reach of the internet lets the winner take all, encouraging businesses to make substantial investments in online advertising.

But due to the ease of access to information that the internet has also made possible, businesses insist advertisers be transparent as well as organized.

Thus, we should get rid of the old ways of doing business.

It is now more important to deliver a comment that is insightful, supported by relevant data, clear and simple than launch a campaign marked by impressive creativity and accompanied by much fanfare.

Advertising departments should now work in harmony instead of individually behind a cloak of secrecy, and instead embrace accountability.

Indeed, Chief Creative Officer of acclaimed international advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach, Amir Kassaei, recognises that today’s creativity is “nothing more than a self-applauding shamble.” He has reacted by pulling DDB out of the creative awards, believing such distinction has done the industry a great disservice.

“Too many of us in the industry have bought into the idea that winning awards is proof of creative effectiveness – so much so that we’re willing to sacrifice our integrity to get them. And, in turn, that has lessened the integrity of the awards themselves. …If we are coming up with social ideas that pretend to solve the world’s biggest problems, or help disenfranchised people, but, in fact, are only being done to win an award, we are cynical and perhaps even criminal.” Mr. Kassai has said.

We now need scientific minds to work with creative yet business-minded individuals to produce results for our clients, like when the renowned advertising creative director who co-founded DDB, William “Bill” Bernbach, began a “creative revolution” by partnering copywriter and art director to think collaboratively.

Among such innovators is ALSOF Publishing, a new industry challenger which has been making waves in Australia’s marketing landscape, ALSOF Publishing is changing the industry itself through marketing automation and outsourced content creation – and also winners of the HubSpot Global Impact Award for 2016 for new agencies in Asia Pacific.

With disruptors like ALSOF Publishing entering the arena, we may all look forward to a future where advertising will be changed for the better.



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