I’m here to tell you why the “coolest” startups always have killer product videos. But to preface, a resourceful functioning product will always win over a shiny video. You can’t fix a shitty product with a pretty video (sounds a little like dating someone for their personality nonsense).

So how did the video quality of these campaigns contribute to their company’s ROI? Early adopters are expecting to be esthetically won over.

This audience not only loves beautiful things and brands, but they have their own personal brands to protect. And watching a home video with neon sans script just might not hold up to their “branding” standard (lifts nose to the air). Just as a board room of investors feeds off a delicately designed pitch deck, so do “apple watch, skinny tie wearing, subscription based” tech users. While video marketing conversions tend to be a little mystic to track, take the time to do it.

Just as important as the quality of the video is the messaging. Are you clearly speaking to your audience about your product? Do you even know who your audience is? Do you have the skill set and time to dedicate to creating such a concept on top of marketing your project and product design? Luckily we have a few tips when it comes to creating a product video.

  • Have a fully functional version of your product to show. Not a Jerry-rigged prototype.
  • Spend time on pre-production. Story writing is just as 🔑 as the video quality.
  • Include a verbal and visual call to action.
  • Hire help in the areas where you lack expertise (camera operating, lighting, acting, etc).
  • Have a marketing budget that at least matches your expense in production costs.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about creating a marketing video, you should be. This is no small undertaking for your business. If you’d like to pitch your product ideas for video needs, drop our friends at Big Door a word. Thank me later.



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