A long-running scenario I think a lot of people in business run through their heads at some point in their adult lives is: what would the US be like if it were run like a business? It usually follows the notion of why someone like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or whoever your favorite pop-billionaire is doesn’t run for president. The thought has always been: if they can run a company, they can run the US. Until now, at least.

The reasons those guys haven’t stepped up are many, I’m sure, but I’ll bet some big factors were how corrupt, unweildy and gross the government and its actors have become, and their personal level of patriotism. Also, the glacial pace the government typically moves in, the inefficiency, waste, and budgets as well as the number of regulations and the tax structure all would have to be adjusted to the point of reformation. No one has had the will to do that, until Donald Trump came along.

If there would be a president I should want, it’s Trump. I have an MBA, and he and I see eye to eye about business and the way he’s handling things so far, which is like a business. The president is usually a C student with a law degree, except for George Bush, who had an MBA, but obviously was at the bottom of his class, and never really put it to good use to gain the same understanding of global business Trump has by doing business all over the world. Hiring Rex Tillerson is another good hire in my opinion. I’m sure liberals have a problem with a) his salary b) the industry he works in c) his race d) anything else possible. But if there’s a few things I can assure you of about him it’s that he’s insanely smart, better-versed in global trade and affairs than any politician coming in off the street, and is well-connected already. The imaginary scenarios leftists could, and will, dream up about him will be Hollywood material. Entertaining for a little while, but garbage and best ignored. Some people have trouble dealing in reality.

He’s surrounding himself with some very smart, very successful, very experienced people in this cabinet. There’s no way each choice is going to align with all 320 million American citizens’ politics, so don’t even worry about it. Just hire the best person for the job, and let the haters hate. It reminds me of a plaque Ted Turner had in his office that stated “Lead, Follow, or get the Hell out of the way.” That’s pretty much what we seem to be seeing with Trump. I understand that mindset, being business-minded, which is why a lot of his rambling doesn’t bother me. I know what’s possible, what’s just BS and what’s just to stir the pot.

Don’t chase chipmunks, don’t let the bastards get you down, and don’t take your eyes off the prize are some rules of life, and those rules infuriate liberals and the liberal media that are trying to cover Trump with their own unique spin to provide to the masses. Problem is, he’s going around them entirely. And they’re trying to write some pretty negative stuff about him as a result. Liberals of course love it. Especially the New York Times and the New Yorker. But it’s proving difficult, because he’s ignoring the media and the noise and actually working. And he hasn’t even taken office yet.

So, to get to the title of this piece, which is why I want Trump to succeed, is because I’m ready to have a unified America where we all have dreams that we can achieve. That’s what we had when I was growing up, and it’s certainly not what we had last year. Everything is worse for most people. One that’s not so divided by demographic identitifiers, like the Democrats have brainwashed so many to live within. The spell these people have been under needs to be broken. It’s time for America to get back to work. We have nearly 100 million people sitting on the sidelines, able to work but choosing not to, because the option of collecting some type of welfare is a better deal. That’s a load of crap.

So, I’d like to see Trump put America back to work again. That should help rebuild the middle class that Obama gutted. And it gives Americans a sense of pride and worth that helps unify people. Social work isn’t Trump’s thing, so I doubt we’ll see much meddling with anything unless it is causing unreasonable costs and exhausting scarce resources, or there’s a legitimate business reason to address how it’s operating. That’s largely what liberals are freaking out about, and he doesn’t even really care about that aspect as much, in my opinion, as the financial and ethical aspect of America. He wants to be America’s moral compass, which America needs. He may not be the person that you would choose if you could, but all things considered, this could very well end up being one of the greatest presidencies ever. Liberals that are still sucking their thumbs over Hillary’s loss would disagree with that of course, but I like to try and be an optimist and keep an open mind about things. And if there’s something I’m sure of, it’s that turning America into a college campus, which is where we were headed, would not have ended well.



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