I promised we would invest in underdogs at Full Tilt Capital. I said it privately. I said it publicly. It is something I heavily believe in.

I wasn’t joking.

Today we’re announcing our investment in Apptopia. They’re one of those underdogs. The deck is stacked against them. They have a large, established competitor. They have less funding. They have less employees. They’re not in Silicon Valley. They shouldn’t win.

None of that matters though. My money is on the fact that they’re going to defy the odds. Literally. Hundreds of thousands of dollars bet on the underdog.


This team is made of lions. They know the odds are stacked against them and don’t care. They show up daily. They execute. They create advantages out of thin air. They iterate constantly. They refuse to lose.

They are my type of people.

Eli Sapir and Jonathan Kay have quietly built something special. They have the most accurate app intelligence data on the planet. They claim companies like Facebook, Google, Fidelity, and Andreessen Horowitz as customers. They’ve grown 300% this year. They’re only getting started.

Smart team + Great product + Strong momentum = Winning formula.

We’re not the only people who noticed. We’re investing alongside an impressive list of co-investors. Mark Cuban. Ashton Kutcher. Guy Oseary. 500 Startups. An investor group that believes opportunity lives everywhere.

I’m really excited for Eli and Jonathan. Not for what they’ve built. But for what they’ll build in the future. It’s going to be a fun ride.

It always is when you ride with the underdogs.


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