Digital Media plays a very important role in our lives in today’s world. The mobile app industry witnessed a tremendous growth in the past few years. As per a Gartner report the shipments of smartphones will reach a figure of ten billion dollars in 2016. The mobile business applications are a set of marketing tools for all businesses, regardless of the size of these organizations. The development of the mobile app is sometimes too expensive and the general perception is that it it is too expensive to develop a mobile app. However, one must also try to understand that the mobile app improves the customer engagement as well as builds a customer base, brings about a positive reputation in the market and drive sales. The greatest advantage of the mobile app lies in the convenience and accessibility. There are many reasons for investing in a business app and some of these are:

  • Seamless Visibility
  • Reaching Out to the Larger Audience Base
  • Rising Above the Competition
  • Easily Getting the Business Analytics
  • Added Convenience and Real value
  • Direct Marketing Platform

Seamless Visibility

The mobile users spend 89 % of their entire time on the mobile media behind the apps. Investment in a mobile app also makes sense when we see that in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France and India, a whopping 85 % of people have a preference for mobile apps rather than the mobile websites.

Despite the fact, that only some of the mobile apps are frequented everyday, they are the easiest way to stay online. In fact, the mobiles are the best way to stay connected, irrespective of the time and the place. They are also the best modes of communication for the customers, while on the go.

Reaching Out to the Larger Audience Base

You may engage with a wider audience base, with the business app for your mobile. When the app is made available in the app stores, there is always a higher chance of reaching out to an audience group, other than the regular customers, with a mobile app than the usual ecommerce website. In fact, this probably will increase your sales. Integration of the mobile app with the social media will enable you to reach out to a larger audience online.

Rising Above the Competition

Creating a business app for your mobile imparts a tech savvy image of your business and this in turn gives a competitive advantage. The mobile apps provides the greatest advantages of simple to use, fast checkout and easiness. Each and every business would like to take advantage of some of the simple benefits offered, the secure payment gateway, offers, brand continuity, app UX and customer loyalty programs among others.

Easily Getting the Business Analytics

The best part about using technology lies in the fact that it becomes easier to collect the data. The business app is associated with such business analytics like user engagement, tracking the downloads and the products in which the customers show their interest. Actually this only helps to bring the element of customer orientation to your product.

Added Convenience and Real value

The mobile apps are the perfect way to facilitate in the easy purchase of the app, in a seamless way. The customers will be able to search, select and even pay for the apps. This adds value to the money spent.

It is the connected individuals who matters, while spending time on app development. These are people who browses through the app stores in search of newer products. More and more people would be interested about your app, if it offers real value to them. In other words, this accounts for more accountability.

Direct Marketing Platform

The mobile app development process produces the business app, as an end-product and this incurs a zero cost for the business, when used as a marketing platform. The products and services are best showcased,while using the mobile apps. It helps to identifying a new service by the customer and recommending the same in their network.

The standard practice of using a mobile app for your business is only helpful when the mobile app rides above the competition.

Appinventiv, is one of the top mobile application development companies in India, which has witnessed a stupendous growth, over the past few years. It is making an effort, relentlessly towards the utilization of the best among the latest mobile technologies, across all platforms, whether smartphones, wearables or the Internet of Things.

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