I really hate to have to write another article about this, but apparently some individuals need a lesson on such matters…

Once again, as I merrily skip along through the threads of Medium I happen upon this unique little post…

Who objectifies women most?

God made women beautiful.

Men know this

Women know this too

So do advertisers and executives

When tastefully presented

Why complain?

Better that women unite and opt out rather than to complain

“Better that women unite and blah, blah, blah, and more blah…”

Really, Larry? I am somewhat disappointed in your words..

In fact, I believe Thin Man would be disappointed also, but he is no longer with us, and I know him well enough whereas he would suggest I speak up on this matter..

I used to converse with you awhile ago and then I stopped because I found my views were quite different than yours..

I have written many articles upon this subject..

This article was about the Sexualization of Women in Advertising..

And then I wrote another article on how this type of advertising contributes to RAPE Culture..

And then, just for good measure I wrote another article on the subject..

Now, I know you did much reading when it came to the Supreme Court cases when it came to the decisions of Roe v. Wade..

And I followed your thread between you and our beloved Thin Man..

I do wish he would come back, we truly miss his legalese..

However..in the meantime, the material I have laid before you should be of some light reading. Its mostly a visual tutorial of sorts..

What was your comment about the visual realm?

Let me find it..just one minute..I’ll be right back..please insert nice calming elevator music 🎶 while I find your quote..

Oh here it is..

“God made women beautiful..”

One would need the gift of sight..

Also, one would need the gift of discernment, would you not agree?

And as born again Christians, we also look to signs of confirmation, when the Holy Spirit moves us when we see our fellow brethren not going down the path of righteousness and using our sisters in Christ being used in an ungodly manner..

Maybe you can help me out with this?

Why is a woman in this ad for Burger King?

Hmm..this could fall under the “tastefully presented” banner ..

She is fully clothed..

But what is the subliminal message here?

Or maybe the double entendres?

Lets try another ad, shall we?

I believe this is an ad for lipstick..

Maybe? Maybe not..there is an inherent danger in these types of ads that clearly are using women for shock value..

Or maybe this one?

This is an ad for Men’s wear..but why is a woman in this ad?

Women in ads start to become OBJECTS..

A table is an object..

Rugs are also OBJECTS, too…

Hmm..do you see that slippery slope?

This is an advertisement for Men’s belts..why is there a woman in it depicted in this manner?

Remember I mentioned tables?

Tables are OBJECTS..

I would think as a strong, moral, upright Christian man, you would find women being used in this manner offensive to creatures that are created in His image..

I would think if you believe we as God’s children offend His images, aren’t we in reality offending Him?

There is nothing BEAUTIFUL about this..

There is something disturbing..

I hope you can see this..

I pray that you will..