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Description: When we talk of link building, our mind goes to various repetitive exercises such as social bookmarking and blog commenting. We discuss why networking is the best way to create backlinks.

In the rush to get backlinks, digital marketers often make the mistake of not looking at the big picture. There are digital marketers who spend days trying to scam their way into getting a high quality backlink.

Well-known link building techniques such as guest posting, blog commenting, and forum posting are known to have credence of their own. However, none of these techniques represent a long term view of creating backlinks. In fact, all these methods have to be deployed time and again in order to create backlinks.

This approach may work in the short term, but it can be a nightmare in the long-term. No digital marketing team in the world has the luxury to spend two to three days only building backlinks.

Another method to create backlinks is networking.

Networking is the method to build a series of contacts in the industry. It is an old-fashioned technique used in the business world to build connections. This activity is driven by the need for a professional at some point in the future.

For link building, networking can be seen as a technique to develop backlinks over the long term. With a large base of contacts, backlinks can be created at a much faster rate.

Networking can be made possible through a number of different channels. Traditionally, networking was done in-person on major events and forums. In the age of digital marketing, networking can be done through various channels such as social media, search engines, and so on.

Building connections is not an easy task. Marketers have to leverage the reach of various different channels in order to on board connections.

In the list below are listed a few ways to build professional connections that can be used to build backlinks –

LinkedIn is a unique social media platform, not because it is used exclusively by working professionals, but because users on LinkedIn tend to have a high attention span.

This is much different from other social media platforms where users tend to glaze over shared content. On LinkedIn, users from a particular field tend to take a genuine interest in certain types of content.

By sharing more and more content, brands can attract the attention of other related brands. With increased engagement, connections can be built slowly.

Like LinkedIn, Medium is also a platform where users tend to have a higher attention span. Medium is a great place for marketers to spread word about their brand. For brands in some niches, special content for Medium can lead to the generation of a large number of connections.

In conclusion, this article covers the role of networking in link building. Digital marketers who seek a long-term solution to link building must consider the points made above carefully.

About the Author — Deepali Saxena is a well-known content marketer with five years of experience in the field. She currently plies her trade at, a prime institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi.



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