Chapter 2 in the Customer Academy Curriculum

I just love the concept of Facebook pages! A specific place for specific people who all agree on something!

I remember when pages first came out on Facebook, I must have created a dozen of them on my own.

However, just because you start a page doesn’t mean your audience will magically appear.

Here are three tips to grow your Facebook page.

Fill out everything — To really get traction on your Facebook page its important that you fill out everything. Imagine it’s like a job application, be extremely accurate and take your time.

One of the best ways to ensure your page gets traffic is to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It’s actually pretty easy.

Just goto and begin searching and comparing phrases and subjects. To get more specific goto and see which words are getting the highest in monthly searches. Sprinkle these phrases throughout your description and your page is SEO optimized! When people search using that phrase your page moves up because it matches that exact phrase.

By Invitation only — Facebook makes it easy for your page to get a bunch of followers. Just invite your friends. Maybe it was easy for me because I have thousands of Facebook friends, but just getting those first 100 likes is a big hurdle and you should wrangle enough people after the initial like.

That’s good, but are those really the people you want to target, or are they just your friends doing you a favor? To get a real audience you can develop its important to ask people to like your page. Not just in places like your webpage or in your emails, but by posting on other people’s pages and participating in a good way that makes people feel interested.

Posting interesting and relevant content — okay guys, let’s admit it the only reason we post anything on Facebook is to appear knowledgeable and interesting to other people. Most things people share they don’t even read, they just want the satisfaction of breaking the news first.

The key, of course, is to be consistent. Facebook first and foremost is a communication tool. Its going to be important you give it 20 minutes a day. One strategy is to cull information from 3 different sources so for instance if you wanted to do a page for business executives, you might find articles to share from Business Insider, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Remember Facebook is all about having fun by sharing valuable content and by sparking emotions. If it’s too much to keep track of or to do on your own then consider hiring a Facebook page manager.

Build your Facebook page by filling out all the relevant detailed information, inviting your friends and placing a like button on your webpages, and be sure to have and consistently post good content.



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