I always love start-up work culture, start-up works in an inspiring way.The employees over there try to motivate each other.The whole company runs on the motivation to love work.Such a good thing isn’t it.

The story I am writing here is mine, working in different work cultures and how they effected me and my personality.I am an iOS App developer.

I worked in a kind of start-up before, not really a start up but the start- up culture embodies into that company, which is sort of my first full time job. Its is kind of hurry burry job, where it got tight deadlines, but got group lunches and group outings etc.

Secondly, I joined in well established taxi company in IT sector, I know everyone thinks I joined as a driver, no dude, I am an iOS developer there too.The office looked old, but it got its name and weight :D, even on my resume. I am second female over there, were the lady is a Tester of the App, apart from we are like 17 members.They are like really quite,even if they don’t have work they used to sit quietly, that should be to be in a safe zone.There are outings which are like one outing for six months, it made me feel like I am working on a boring job. Apart from that people working over there are not really good, I became the victim of sexual abuse and no one raised there voices, or stood for me, as they are p — -s thats the worst thing I must say.And one more cranky thing, as I fought for myself while abusing fight, as I am not friendly with that guy, that guy used to watch me whenever I go and come for coffee(that look always tell I am gonna fire you if you go out for coffee), fuck off, I am not afraid.

And the point to be noted everyone over there doesn’t move from there chair even for coffee- job security crap.

And finally I landed in heaven I must say, I joined in start-up. First day I am amazed to see the whole company got up and running for coffee. God that soo cool. I thought getting up for coffee is a big wrong with experience from previous job. But here everyone is doing that wrong, I am so happy for that 😉 Everyone is so friendly and crazy just like me.

Effects of taxi company job:

  1. I was afraid to talk with other people, imagining that they would think I am crazy.
  2. It took me like four days to settle in old me.

The first two days I was like “what happened to me”. I am a talkative person, but I did not talk, I should say I sometimes acted like mentally retarded. I am afraid to do anything. I joined on Monday, on Wednesday I was talking to my colleagues a little. On Thursday,I hugged my boyfriend and cried a lot, He must have thought that I am mad hehe.The reason for this cry on Thursday is because there is one girl in office, she is talkative, she cracks jokes and she is a happy person, I used to be that girl. I was like thinking what happened to me that evening, and at night I bursted out.

On Friday, even I have few hesitations to talk to people I tried to be my old self and I did it.We went to group lunch on that afternoon which gave sometime time talk about boyfriend matters with my CEO hehe. And that evening is fantastic, there is MAD GLAD SAD board where this company does it for fortnights. You have to write like what you are Mad about, glad about and sad about. Which is pretty cool I got appreciation from one of my colleagues and that evening is pretty funny. I loved it.

I am not saying that everyone should quit there job if they don’t like work culture, I am just pointing how it effects our life, if your are “in your kind” kind of work culture, you doesn’t even feel like your are working.When you have happy work life, you will definitely have happy home life, my boyfriend got relief hehe 😉

Disclaimer*- I am not good at writing, tried my best 😀


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