Once upon a time , there was a little princess who created personal accounts on each of social media and she was used to spending her whole day scrolling, chatting, uploading photos, videos and writing status with a view to collecting as more as possible likes

Or not

Let’s be honest !

Yes , I check my likes on Facebook

Yes, I prefer uploading photos in the evening because most of the people are online.

Yes, I like to get more followers on Twitter and on Instagram

Yes, I prefer texting to talking on the phone

but if I forget my phone at home or my battery is low, I can survive

No girl you know you wrong ! I can survive!

I could write a list of 10 reasons to use social media and apps or how to use apps in your everyday life with a view to connecting with people


firstly, I am not journalist on buzzfeed and secondly, it is not the point of this article.

Through this article , I would try to explore how and why I use social media and apps.

As far as I am concerned, I use social media and apps because they make my life easier and more interesting.

Knowing that there is a small devil on one side of your shoulder that argues against the usefullness of apps and social media, I challenge him to debate.

Devil: Didn’t you accomplish the same challenges in the past without using apps?

Me: Of course, I achieved my goals without using apps but many times I spent more time on useless processes because I couldn’t avoid them. Using apps, I can save a lot of time. For example, I used to wait half-hour daily for the bus because I didn’t know what time it arrives, but now I check the app BusLines (greek app) and I know exactly the live departure time of the next bus.

Devil: Don’t you waste time on useless activities like games or scrolling on fb newsfeed ?

Me: Personally, I believe that if someone wants to waste his time, he will do it regardless of which apps are installed in his phone. So, the different apps can only benefit me. Firstly, I need more than 1 hour to go from my house to the university and as a result, I need to do something so as to spend my free time. So, I can play some games on my phone which foster the creativity and broaden my knowledge, like tricky test 2. Furthermore, scrolling on fb newsfeed or on twitter, I can find some interesting articles and all the latest breaking news easily.

Devil: Don’t you think that people oversell themselves uploading photos on social media, especially on Instgram ?

Me: Instagram is a platform that gives you the opportunity to upload photos and short videos, but it doesn’t indicate you what kind of photos you want to share with other people. So, it depends on you . For examlpe, I only upload travel photos .

Furthermore, you are able to get your account private and approve who can follow you. Last but not least, I have to underline that many people can discover a talent in photography and as far as photographs or artists are concerned , they can promote their creations via social media without spending money .

Devil: Messenger, Viber, Whats App, Snapchat etc. Useless apps that alianate young people from the others.


Using the above apps , I can keep in touch with my friends whenever I want and not only I can text them but also I can send them photos, short videos , voice message and whatever Ι want. Additionally, I can talk with my friends who live on abroad or in another city without spending money .

Wi-Fi rules the world!!!

Furthermore, sometimes I don’t want other people hear my conversations, so texting or sending snaps can solve this problem .

Devil: Snapchat makes people behave in a silly way! You are not a deer, wake up!

Me: You are right, I am not a deer but a devil deer , so be careful!!!

Don’t take life too seriously . You will never get out of it alive!

Kisses Ioulia


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