About three years ago, George and myself engaged on a clear mission to fix the online dating industry; an industry we believe has been ‘contaminated’ with business models that do not serve its users in a transparent and honest manner.

We embarked on a quest called “rendeevoo”, a mobile app that brings people together to meet over drinks at London’s finest venues.

The Hustle

Having no clue about what lied ahead, two non-techies built an MVP that was quite frankly shit, and great at the same time. It taught us the importance of surrounding yourselves with great people, listening to your audience in a profound way, hustling and not giving up, even when times were brutal.

Those two soon became three, four, and five absolutely passionate people sharing one aligned purpose: to provide a dazzling service to people that deserve and need it.

Together we’ve built a great product, protested on the streets of Shoreditch, annoyed the shit out of the Council with our branded stickers, and many other great adventures. Under bootstrapped conditions we went all the way to achieve product-market fit on a local scale.

I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the people that have helped us achieve this. We’ve all taken an idea and made it into a reality. Created an app that made people smile. A philosophy that made Shoreditch talk. Dynamics that forged relationships for life.

We’ve had the privilege of being backed by outstanding and magnificent angel investors, and what a ride we’ve all had Georgios, Cedric, Cedric, Thomas, Pieter and Achilleas! I’m humbled by the fact that you guys have always stood by our side even when times were rough.

The struggle

Our ambition was aiming for a large round, supporting a London wide expansion and initial European penetration. Man, were we looking forward to getting our hands on the whole of London!

Unfortunately, we did not meet the targets and virality we had set out for ourselves and by potential investors.

I wouldn’t have done anything different. We needed to go through each one of the phases, i.e. we had one hell of a rollercoaster ride. A quest where one major lesson learnt is: don’t raise a round for a runway less than 12 months. You have a business to run, not merely funds to raise.

Yes, there is a funding gap in the startup environment between seed capital and venture funds. Plenty of startups will have difficulties attracting talent with a 4 month runway due to raising small rounds, but we were fortunate to attract great talent that joined us on our embarkment to disrupt the industry.

Rendeevoo is, and always has been a true love story.

It hurts me deeply that we are putting an end to this chapter in our lives; an experience that has thought us great things, given us humbling values, hustle and resilience — still the best University in the world 😉
So as an everlasting optimist, I truly believe this is a chapter in an even greater ongoing story that could not have been written without the love and support of so many people!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

George Christoforakis, my dear friend for life, business partner and mentor.

The best team one could ever dream of: Maura Pianaro, the self-proclaimed ‘marketing bitch’ ;), Ashley Cameron a visionary CTO, Matthew Lukanoff, you talented son of a gun.

And Joaquim Canet (MVPlab), Rafa and Juan (DevelApps), Miguel, Sarah and Tessa.

Thank you for the love, support, patience, belief, and simply great times:

Christine Vandorpe, Jos Vanysacker, Jens Vanysacker, Jelle Vanysacker, Stéphanie Clarysse, Myroula Tsolia, Panagiotis Christoforakis, Dino Christoforakis
(alphabetically) Alexander Sleigh, Alex Wood, All my friends from Antwerp, All my friends from Ghent, All our Seedrs investors, Anastasia Koumenta, Anastasia Sotiropoulou, Andy Bunarto, Anna Papakyriacou, Anthony Francis, Bea Canete, Benjamin Minot, Boris Demeersseman, Bram Lievens, Britt Van de Velde, Bruno Vaz Moço, Camille Venot, Charles Delmotte, Charlie Casey, Chris Bradley, Christian La, Christophe Salanon, Claruti Guti, Dan Gold, Daniel Fozzati, Danielle Supertramp, Demba Doye, Diane De Buck, Dimo Trifonov, Duncan Peters, Ed Moyse, Ed Newton-Rex, Edouard Vetter, Elena Mustatea, Eline Aloy, Eva Bandelj, Eveline Dhondt, Fabio Kunz, Feona Mali, Feyago, Fhiwa Ndou, Fiona Disengi, Francesca Di Pietro, Frank Bekkers, Gabbi Cahane, Gabriel Pizzolante, George Johnston, Georges Van Damme, George Whitelaw, Gilles Mattelin, Google Campus, Headline team, Helene Van Hoecke, Iulia Tudor, Ivan Fraixedes, Iván Jorge Gadeschi, James Routledge, Jamie Corby, Jane Campbell, Jean Van Damme, Jeff Lynn, Jelle van der Zwet, Jerome Minney, Joe Scarboro, Jonathan B Strong, Joris Magenti, Juan Diego Farah, Juliette Vix, Justine Seys, Justin Normand, Kat Bucon, Katrien Dewijngaert, Katrin Suess, Kevin Plattret, Korina Karadimou, Korneel Desmet, Kostas Baltas, Kristien Francoys, Kyran Speirs, Lander Morel, Laura Sanchez, Lea Luedemann, Lorenzo Bown, Luc Waring, Lucy Hart, Luke Peake, Maeva Condeco, Manuel Frigerio, Marc Haguenauer, Marco Jemolo, Maria Koumenta & Phil, Marina Sarkisian, Mark Chaffey, Marnick Smessaert, Mathijs Eefting, Matthew Eisner, Matthew Gardiner, Matthias Stevens, Menelaos Lyd, Michael Donoghue, Michael Raven, Michael Small, Michael Wagg, Michalis Koutsoukos, Miguel Ladron, Miguel Meuleman, Mikkel Lønow, Nele Van den Broeck, Nick Van Praag, Odera Ume-Ozeoke, Omar Nawaz, Orfeuo Lionor, Pars Pro Toto, Paul Amin, Petrick Step, Philip De Smedt, Philippe Brems, Phoebe Siyu Tian, Pieter Vanderhenst, Pins, Quinten Ouvry, Rasthy De Los Reyes, Rebecca Collins, Ricardo Maquilon Chedrauy, Richa Bhalla, Rishi Chowdhury, Robert Van Impe, Rodolfo Rosini, Roman Sidorenko, Rosie Cohen, Sabrina McEwen, Sander Decuyper, Sandra Bpunto, Sarah Cruerer, Sebastiaan Vanhecke, Severine Balick, Shameel Khan, Sian Priest, Simon Vandoorne, Spencer Burrows, Stephanie Pickerill, Styling Vasili, Tariq Aris,The Rainmaking Loft, Thomas Barbe, Thomas Paris, Tim Clauwaert, Tim Gestels, Tobias Lievens, Tom Oswald, Valentine Hutchings, Vana Koutsomitis, Vicky Hunter, Vincent Degroote, Vincent Jocquet, Vivien Lee, Yoav Farbey, Yonca Braeckman, Ziv Reichert, zusjes Haas

And from the bottom of my heart, anyone I without a doubt have forgotten at this moment



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