How is your time best spent? Is it better utilized if producing or consuming information? Is there a difference whether you produce or consume for personal and/or business reasons?

The fundamentals of education and learning are essential to anything we do. That is in fact quite evident. Although for many of us we tend to find ourselves more often consuming information rather than producing it. From a human standpoint it is in our nature to observe, admire, absorb, and consume. For some of us we find inspiration from consuming various amounts of information. While others find it more beneficial to be on the offensive line and produce it.

Producing vs. Consuming Content

There are pros and cons to both of these. Although like anything else it’s all about individual importance and needs. In the reality of things you should be engaged in both of these in order to have a solid counterbalance. Producing unique content that is catching, informative, and authoritative is extremely hard to accomplish. Especially when nearly 25% of the content you’ll find on Google is repurposed. On the other hand, consuming content can turn into a giant time suck. From a personal standpoint you may have the time of day to consume although from a business perspective this can be considered as a costly endeavor.

Nearly 25% of content you’ll find on Google is repurposed.

Why Consuming Content Is Important

Regardless of the type of information you are consuming there is always value in it. It helps us see different perspective through the eyes of others. Consuming fresh information helps us maintain a sense of relevance. It also contributes towards our continuous maintenance of current trends and patterns in the marketplace. These days it’s extremely important to be on top of things considering the fast-paced world. Fresh content ensures our continued education which can contribute to development of innovation efforts.

Add Value & Produce More Content

Fresh content provides new perspective on things from an outsider’s purview. This is probably one of the most advantageous pieces of new content production. The challenges of producing fresh content entail in:

  • Lack of uniqueness.
  • Similar thinking from a human perspective.
  • Innovation.
  • Proper research.
  • Reliable resources.

It is extremely difficult to produce content that boasts an unique added value proposition. After all, this is precisely what every consumer and human being seek when consuming that content. Thorough research, creative thinking, strategic composition, and phenomenal storytelling are great ways to capture someone’s attention.

Do you find yourself more often producing or consuming content?

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