Free is terrific. Especially when it comes to free trade, money, rank, reputation, wealth and so on. Fortunately, the world of SEO is full of free instruments. The disadvantage is that some of these free instruments are junk.

I would like to offer you the top free SEO tools collection. These are intuitive, slick, efficient, strong and — at best — completely free

If internet sales representatives breathe the air of Google Analytics, then the internet salesperson’s online food is Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).
A bit of a misnomer is the term “webmaster” in the first name. More than webmasters are used for the instrument. This is for SEOs. For SEOs. “Search” and “optimization” are at the center of the instrument. Some of the finest ideas from GSC come just from looking at the dashboard. SEOs and marketers must regularly follow the dashboard.

Google Search Console appears to offer some of the same information as Analytics but in a simpler and easier style. You can do less tweaking, but easier access to the numbers.

The link data is one of the main datasets. (Search Traffic → Links to Your Site → More). Keeping abreast of toxic backlinks is one of the most significant defenses you can take.

You will be very acquainted with the Google Search Console when you ever cope with the fearfully applied manual punishment or regularly disavow stubborn spam connections.


The Google Search Console is obviously essential. The information are necessary, the instruments are needed and energy is necessary. I would like more SEOs to see and use the value of the instrument.


Google Analytics can’t be ignored. Almost all the active and significant information on site tourists, traffic, etc. originates from this crucial source.

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The keyword planner is the first way to research keywords since the tool has been substituted.

Keyword Planner is available by logging in toGoogle Ads / Tools / Keyword Planner.

When researching a keyword, Keyword Planner is the location to begin. Some things you can do here:

The Keyword Planner offers the previous Keyword Tool’s many functions. However, the focus is not only on organic keyword research but on Google Ad production.

You can’t expect to do a good deal of true keyword research without using Keyword Planner as the leading keyword research instrument. You should use it and get to know it.

You can always place MozBar on your browser window, at the top, side or bottom.

The toolbar includes three principal information categories — Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data. The Elements Page shows on-page SEO nuts and bolts. Many data is at a glance available. Various tags can be seen- heading, description, H1s, etc.

Page characteristics show certain optimizing characteristics on-site below-the-surface like robots, rel=”canonical” and load time. You can also discover information on the link on the website.

The Ranking Factors tab for Link Data has more data on the connections on a site. Only with a paid subscription is complete information available.

The true power of the MozBar is accessible and it’s worth the cash to those who subscribe. However, if you’re still in a cash-strapped startup, the people of Moz are kind enough to give this solid tool free of charge.

More details:

The “top priorities” segment-first shows WooRank. This is one of the downsides of the instrument, unfortunately. Somehow, it thinks I’ve got a 404 bug, I don’t have a favicon, and no robots.txt file. They are all imprecise.

I am unprofitable, because content marketing is my medium name, and there is certainly an active blog on my website. More beneficial things … The geodata is insightful, even with comparable data provided by Analytics.

Another helpful section is social sharing. Few free analytical instruments can add many social network information in one location.

WooRank receives high marks for its ease, interface, and information. Not all information appears to be correct, regrettably. With the mobile optimization overview,

WooRank settles down something that I believe is crucial for marketers today.

More Details:

You will have to pay for money to obtain the correct instruments if you’re serious about SEO. Without a paid subscription, you can’t do a comprehensive SEO job.

Here are the items usually not free of charge:



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