I am going to throw a curveball at you and write about something that has little to do with the infographic above. I think employment brands should be using a combination of polished and authentic content to attract top millennial talent. So what does that mean? My definition of polished content is carefully crafted content that adds value to the candidate/ brand experience. Eventbrite does this extremely well. Job candidates can navigate their blog and understand their culture through their use of “how-tos” and “a day in the life of” content. But millennials also expect more from brands when making a career change.

Beyond websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, Instagram Stories and Snapchat have enabled marketers to show an authentic peek behind the curtain of what it means to work at a company. I have found myself slowly pulling away from 140 Twitter characters and photoshopped branded images, and have gravitated towards scalable real-time content with candidates.

The San Francisco based retail company, Everlane has demonstrated the value of being on Snapchat. Hubspot describes Everlane’s Snapchat story as “kind of a backstage pass into their e-commerce business, their events, and their culture.” Additionally, Everlane suggests that “Snapchat gives [them] the chance to explore transparency in a completely new way. No fancy cameras. No editing. Just raw, live, footage…”

It makes sense for employment brands to be both authentic and polished because millennials expect both from you. You will continue to see an emphasis on Snapchat as the excitement for instantaneous communication and the demand for brand interactivity grows.

About the Author
Abby Mathews specializes employment branding and recruitment marketing at HireVue. If you are interested in learning how to scale your organization’s social media strategy to target specific hiring audiences feel free to send her an email at abbymathews@me.com



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