Matthieu Marquenet

I will be very short. Creating a captable (capitalization table) can be long and I did not find any good template. So you will find the one I did for my startup, Kombo.

A capitalization table can be complex, particularly after several tours. This template spreadsheet, available on Google Sheets, can save you several hours.

It will be useful for the following steps:

  • Founding : splitting the shares between founders or late founders
  • Pre-Seed or Seed round : this can be a fundraising tour with Business Angels, Friends and Family.
  • Convertible Notes : this fundraising is typically done to prepare the Serie A, with current investors or new investors.
  • Serie A : this fundraising is done typically with Venture Capital funds, usually called VCs.

So I have chosen to put this captable, which is a short version of the word capitalization table, in open source. You can use it and share it. Just book your next bus or train tickets on Kombo and give us 5 stars on the stores.

You will find in Google Sheets the captable spreadsheet template.



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