It’s been a while. Last one I wrote was my 2018 resolutions. A lot has happened. Here we go.

2018 was an amazing year for my company, we grew so much. We doubled our revenue from the year before and we ended the year with a contract for 2019 that would at least multiply our revenue by 5 on just that contract alone for that year. Crazy stuff. 2018 was good year.

2019 on the other hand, it all fell apart. Everything.

That contract I mentioned before, it started out all well and beautiful. Two months later my client went bankrupt and didn’t pay us for two months worth of work, meaning that I needed to pay a bunch of employees I hired specifically for that project (9 to be more precise), but we had no money. It’s 2020 now and we still haven’t been paid by this client. We had to get a bank loan to pay these employees. On top of that, because we had focused so hard on that contract, we had zero contingency plans. We had no income left. It’s a miracle we stayed in business. But we survived. This loan is 70% paid already. Personally though, my business partners and I went bankrupt, since we had zero profit. It could’ve ended worse I guess.

I don’t even want to mention the rest of my personal life in 2019, because it all went to shit, pardon my french. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, went. Even the stuff I thought couldn’t, did. Hence, 2020 is a year where I have nothing to lose, because I have almost nothing left. And that’s a freeing sensation.

I want to focus on me in 2020. My health right now sucks. I’m fat and uncomfortable in my own skin. My mental health went to shit. I take two different meds every day for my mental health. Enough with that. I’m going to change that shit.

My personal resolutions for the year to come is to be healthier and take zero mental-health-related meds. I want to lose weight. I want to meet new people that think like me and like the stuff that I like. I want to do more of the stuff I enjoy doing, like reading and playing the guitar, and less of the stuff I hate doing, like socializing with people I don’t give a shit about.

On the profissional side though, I want to make money. Last year I only lost money. We have been focusing like crazy at Phurshell in the acquisition of new clients, and it’s starting to pay off. We have very promising prospects for Q1. Let’s see what happens.



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