On January 5, Bitcoin.com’s Executive Chairman Roger Ver introduced a bitcoin cash (BCH) point-of-sale (PoS) merchant solution created by the startup Eletropay. The crypto PoS device manufacturer aims to make cryptocurrency payments simple and secure “without the need to use mobile phones or computers.”

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BCH Fans Introduced to a New Point-of-Sale Device

There’s a new cryptocurrency point-of-sale device that was recently introduced to BCH supporters after Bitcoin.com’s Roger Ver shared a video of a custom Eletropay PoS device via Twitter. The film, that’s just over one minute long, shows the unboxing of the Eletropay unit and how the device can easily create an invoice in a matter of seconds.

The video was also shared with the Reddit forum r/btc subscribers as well, and a number of BCH fans appreciated the device’s operations and design. “Really cool — Transactions are lightning-fast,” the well known BCH proponent Mr. Zwets said in reply to the video. Additionally, the host of Colin Talks Crypto published a Youtube video about the Eletropay device as well. “Bitcoin Cash once again proves its worth in the field of peer-to-peer merchant payments,” explains the film’s description.

Eletropay crypto PoS devices can be found at the company’s website eletropay.com and the machines support BCH, DASH, BTC, LTC and Wechat Pay and Alipay as well. The company says the product has significant advantages compared to competitor PoS devices like an administrative panel, which allows users to watch transactions performed in real time. Eletropay PoS merchants can also access technical support from within the administrative panel. The administration software further provides owners with the ability to set up and reconfigure desired settings with remote setup support. At the time of publication, the company claims to have distributed 2,600 machines so far, across six countries.

Meet the Crypto PoS Device Eletropay

Shark Tank Brazil Participants

The Eletropay crypto PoS price can vary depending on how many units are ordered. A single unit is roughly $220 but the price gets lower if someone purchases 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 unit batches. Eletropay also sells 100-packs of cards that can be used to pay with a device instead of using a smart phone’s wallet.

The startup also has a guide that teaches people how to accept crypto payments using the PoS device and how to sell cryptocurrencies with an Eletropay machine. In October, the Eletropay team appeared on the 16th episode of the fourth season of Shark Tank Brazil. The firm noted at the time, it believes in the future of cryptocurrencies and would be expanding its operations by focusing on 2020.

Meet the Crypto PoS Device Eletropay

During the conversation on the subreddit r/btc, one individual asked what happened to the BCH-centric point-of-sale device Minipos. News.Bitcoin.com had reported on Minipos developments in March 2018 but since then the project hasn’t seen many updates. According to the Reddit user u/simon-v, the Minipos project creators decided to shut down. “My companions got discouraged by the lack of demand and decided to close the shop,” u/simon-v wrote in the Eletropay video thread.

Meet the Crypto PoS Device Eletropay

Another Reddit user explained that he used the Eletropay PoS prior to seeing the published video. “I’ve used this device for several other cryptocurrencies (it appears this company is white-labeling their product),” the individual wrote. “The one advantage is that it prints physical receipts, which is very important to many customers in a PoS situation,” he added.

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Image credits: Eletropay, Twitter, Fair Use, and Pixabay.

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